Photos on this site were taken at family events. We have made every effort to sort them in some order that makes sense to us.

We do hope that you are able to view photos of events that you were a part of, and that it will in help you remember the good times we had together.

*** This page is under construction ***

The albums will be added as time permits.
January 2004
These are picutres that were taken in January of 2004 of an ice storm that if nothing else brought the bird outs.
February 2004
These pictures that were taken in February of 2004 of a snow storm. There were a lot of birds in these photos as well. We enjoyed watching them while stuck in the house
Christmas 2005
Pictures taken at Tracie's Mom's House at our Christmas gathering in 2005 We always have to go early due to work, so some member sof the family that are from out of town are unable to attend
Sisson Fanning Reunion 2006
Pictures that were taken by Tracie at the Fanning Sisson family reunion held on Memorial day 2006. This reunion is held each year at Tracie's Mom's house
Virginia Vacation (Day 1)Monday,8/9/2010
These are pictures that were taken on the first full day of our vacation. We spent the first day at the Virginia Live Museum. We went to the planetarium, and the took the tour of their live indoor and outdoor exhibits.
Virginia Vacation (Day 2)Tuesday,8/10/2010
These are pictures that were taken at the Jamestown settlement. The include reconstructions of the James Fort as settled in 1607, the ships used for the initial settlement (we only went on the largest), and a Powhatan Indian village.
Virginia Vacation (Day 3)Wednesday,8/11/2010
These are pictures that were taken at the Historic Jamestown. These photos include the location of the actual JAaes Fort built about 1607, and also the site of the the town built about 20 years later.
Virginia Vacation (Day 4)Thursday,8/12/2010
These are pictures that were taken at the York town Yorktown Victory Center. These photos were taken of replica's of A Yorktoen Farm and a Yorktown calvery regiment from 1781. We went to the battlefield, but not much to see there, that would not be boring in a photo album. We took adriving tour of the battlefield area.
Virginia Vacation (Day 5)Friday,8/13/2010
These pictures were taken at Historic Williamsburg, VA. We visited several places, including the presentaion of the Declaration of Independance, the court house (did not go in). We visited the Magazine and Guard house, saw brick making,cabinet making,printing, bookbinding,saw the Governor's palace (did not go in, it cost extra). Then we got tired, and it was getting supper time.